Monday, August 6, 2012

Sofi's Baptism

I can't believe that Sofi is old enough to be baptized!  She turned 8 on her baptism day!  The baptism went really well.  We had 2 of her cousins give the talks and they did such a great job!  I was very impressed with the spirit that they brought to the baptism.

Here is a pic of her amazing cake that my friend Elly made.  It was so beautiful I didn't want to cut into it. We were glad we did because it was delicious!  Here is her blog so you can see how amazing she is at making cakes:

The dress...  It was so fun to make and turned out amazing!  I cut it out of my wedding dress.  The blue and sparkles I bought, but all the white is from my dress.  When I pulled out the dress out of the box I held it up and asked Sofi if she wanted me to make her baptism dress out of it.  Her reply was, "Mom, that is way too big for me!"  Then I asked if she would rather me keep it in case she wanted to get married in it.  She paused and then said, "No, I want you to make me a wedding dress with horses on it."  I still laugh at how cute her response was. :) 

The week before her birthday Gary kept telling her he was going to buy her a bag of dirt for her birthday.  So I bought one to keep the joke going.  Now when you ask her what she got for her birthday she says, "A bag of dirt!"  My two goof balls!  They just keep me laughing! 

What a great birthday weekend we had!  I am so blessed with such an amazing family.  Sofi is the joy of my life and I am reminded daily of how blessed I am that she is healthy and happy.  From such a rough start to now you would never know how sick she was as a baby.  I thank my Heavenly Father every day for sending me such a beautiful spirit.  I don't know how I am so lucky! :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Crazy Hair Day

It was crazy hair day at school today!  My cute little punk rocker!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I am finally posting about our trip to Australia!  I can't figure out how to make the collages bigger.  The blog settings have changes so much since I last posted!  You may be able to double click on the pic to make it bigger. 

These pics are not in order of our timeline, but since there are so many I didn't want to shuffle them in timeline order :).  We had a great time there!  Gary was asked to go there to help with Usana's convention.  He was there a few days before I got there to play.  Our friends Ryan and Mindy Wendell also came along to play.

The flight was ok on the way there.  It was terrible but better than on the way back.  From LA it is a 14 hour flight.  Everyone was asleep on the flight going to Australia.  So I was able to roam around the isles and stretch about every 1/2 hour.  I had a heat pad, my electric stim machine and a plan from my Dr. office with meds to help make it through.  On the way back everyone was awake, so it was harder to stretch and roam around. I do like that Delta offers over 100 things to watch on a small screen right in front of you :).

The time difference is 17 hours ahead of us.  I think... The time changed here in Utah and it threw me off!  I did ok with jet lag when I got there.  Bit it took me a while when we got home.  Another funny thing was the toilets.  We were curious if the water really turns the other direction when  you flush.  Well, their toilets get sucked down - they don't swirl down.  Mindy and I filled up the bathroom sink and I'm please to tell you that the water does go the opposite direction in Utah!

This first collage is from Bondi Beach.  They have a walk that follows the ocean for quite a few miles. Gary and I explored part of the trail and came upon a beautiful cemetery right on the coast.  It was amazing!  We explored the cemetery for a while and admired the beauty. 

The next one brings my face a little red from embarrassment! :)  We decided to rent a surf board at Manly beach.  I am now wishing we would have forked out the money to take lessons! Here is my embarrassing story. Most of you know I am a HUGE swimmer.  I have taught and coached swimming for years.  So I was thinking I would be good at this...

There were signs everywhere warning of the strong current.  So we kept mostly where our feet could reach.  Gary struggled but ended up being able to catch a few waves laying down on the board.  Ryan got up on his first try for 5-10 sec.  When I finally felt like I had my balance and was ready to try standing up I noticed Gary was really small on the shore and that I was behind the waves.  I started paddling and paddling and paddling.  I was going NOWHERE.  I wasn't scared because I can swim...

Next thing I know there is a surf instructor right behind me.  He told me that if I try going straight towards land I will never get there.  I had been pushing myself back because I was trying to go towards land.  So he had me aim the board sideways.  I would paddle, he would push.  I was so embarrassed!  But we got back to land in a few min.  We all had a good laugh about it. 

I have always wanted to surf.  I need to save up and take lessons in Hawaii for a week! :)

Here are some cool pics of the Sydney Opera house.

They have a botanical garden right in the city.  It was amazing.  They had crazy huge trees.  On the bottom right show pics of bats.  They were at least a foot tall and bigger!  They lived in some trees there at the park. Kind of freaky though!

These are out and about pics.  I thought their hospital was really cool.  We also used the transit system a ton..  We bought a pass that included the bus, trains, and ferries.  I enjoyed seeing everything from the train and ferries, but I hated the bus!  They drive SUPER crazy.  Worse than taxi drivers.  I had to close my eyes.  The lanes on the roads are super narrow.  We are spoiled!

We went to a Wildlife Preserve and were able to pet a Koala and Kangaroos.  They had an area where the kangaroos were just hopping around wanting us to feed them.  It was the only rainy day we had while we were there.

I love architecture especially old architecture!  This building is the Queen Victoria Building.  They turned it into a mall.  I could care less about the shopping, I just wanted to see all the details!

We took a train ride an hour or so away from downtown Sydney to the biggest mall in the southern hemisphere.  They had at least 3 grocery stores in there along with all the other stores.  They had a ton of men's clothing stores also.  We thought The Reject Shop was a great place to find out husbands :).

This is Cronulla Beach.  It didn't have the beautiful sands of the other 2 but we found some beautiful seashells there.  Ryan and Gary tried to catch some crabs.  The bottom left corner shows a swimming pool.  The wall of the swimming pool bordered the ocean so that the waves could fill the pool!  It was awesome.  People that lived right there had a safe and fee place to swim their laps.  Most of the beaches we went to had them.  Really cool!

 We decided to pay for a guided tour.  The one day we chose to do it it rained ALL day.  Out tour guide was sad that we couldn't see everything. But he was great and we all made the best of it.  I'm talking to Sofi while waving in the top left corner.  She thinks that is pretty cool!

On the tour we went to the Blue Mountains.  You can tell from the bottom right pic that it was so cloudy we didn't get to see any of the blue mountains.  We did enjoy the tram ride down through the clouds and going on the World's steepest railway train.  It was also fun walking through the jungle with the rain coming down.  What we could see was beautiful.

I love flowers and nature!  Here are some pics of the beauty we saw all around us!

We liked playing at night and loved watching the street performers.  We saw a couple really good ones!  Mindy and Ryan had a hard time liking any food.  They found that McDonald's tastes the same as here so they loved that.  The soda pop tasted different there.  You would think Coke would be universally the same but it is not.

I don't know how people can afford to live there!  Things were crazy expensive.  Mascara was $24!  And the base was $29!  So things are metric. I figured their gas prices would be from top to bottom: $5.26, $5.33, $3.36.  I filled up our jeep yesterday and was floored how expensive it was.  Then I look at this and remember to be thankful!

I had to post these spiders.  They were everywhere and were HUGE.  Some were at least 4 inches.  Gary and Ryan pulled on one of the strings from a web to see how strong it was.  Ryan was able to bring a branch close to him just by pulling on the web.  It was crazy!

This was on our tour and shows pics of the steepest train in the world.  It was crazy riding in it.  When you first get in you think the seats are laying you back.  But pretty soon you are sitting strait up.  The angle on the track is 52 degrees!

We had fun playing at Sydney Harbor.  That is where we saw the street performers and played on a really cool playground.  It is also where Usana had their convention.

One cool thing we did was visit Tarongo Zoo.  It was the best zoo I have ever been to.  Everything was so clean and the so nice!  I am scared of birds and gave everyone (including other people) a great laugh at lunch when I screamed because birds were flying at my head.  They were fighting over food that Mindy and Gary were feeding them just to freak me out! I was laughing so hard I was crying.  I hate things flying close to my head!

These are just weird things.  A buzz light year with a different head.  Really weird sculptures and sign.  And that shadow is Gary in the hotel room. That was the wall to the shower and the room. So everyone would have to leave the room for someone to shower.

Mindy and Ryan came upon this Chocolate Room restaurant.  Then they had us go with them the next day.  It was delicious. I am not a big chocolate person, but it was very good!  This one is pancakes with icecream, strawberries, apples, cream and chocolate syrup.

This one is pancakes with icecream, strawberries, cream, chocolate, chocolate sauce and homemade marshmallows.  Yummy!

We visited the Sydney Aquarium.  To me it was a bit of a let down.  Probably because I love Sea World.  They had all these sculptures made out of Lego's that were really cool!  And they had some funky fish. :)

While there Gary and I celebrated our 14 year wedding anniversary!  I can't believe how fast time flies!  We have grown so much in 14 years.  And have really grown together.  I never knew I could love someone so much.  We went to dinner that evening at a restaurant that looked over the ocean.  The restaurant had a huge ship mass to help hold up the tent ceiling. 

I love my Vibrams.  They were a big life saver with all the walking we did.  The only problem was they wouldn't dry out from the humidity.  They got wet at one of the beaches and never dried.  But I am so glad I took them.

As you can see we had a great time!  We are so blessed that Sofi never got homesick.  She had  a great time while we were gone.  I really struggled with my back pain.  But it was worth it.  I was ready to come home the day after we tried surfing.  Probably wasn't a great choice to do that with my back.  But how can you go to Australia without trying to surf?  It's like coming to Utah in the winter and not trying to ski!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ha Ha

I am laughing because my post I did in the summer was finally able to post! I went through and deleted some of my old posts to have more room. I can't decide if I should pay for extra storage to keep this blog or if I should go back to wordpress blog.
What do you think?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Fun

I love summer! I love the heat! I love the fun times!! And I especially love spending ALL day with Sofi! We have been super busy this summer. We have gone on several horse rides, trafalga, 7 peaks, camping, field trips and have also done our own version of school most days.
I decided to take July and August off. It has been SOOO nice. I may never want to teach again ;) I love teaching, but I love being a mom more! We have also had fun with our cousins. I watch my sisters kids 2 days a week. It has been great for Sofi to be picked on and teased and to learn to share (like having siblings!). She is not used to having kids around like this, so it has been great!
We love that Gary's work takes us to Lagoon every year. We had such a great time. Sofi is a dare devil. Her favorite ride is "Wicked". She went on it 4 times with Gary.
Sofi and her friend were cracking us up! On any ride that wasn't fast they kept saying, "faster, faster". They even got me to go on all the roller coasters but wicked! On the 4th or 5th time on the White Roller Coaster I finally had to say no. That one hurt my back so bad I was in tears!! We really had a great time and I was glad that Sofi's friend could go with us to make it an even number!
We decided to buy a share into "The Big Horn Ranch". Gary grew up going here with his family. We LOVE it there! We had a great time over the 4th of July weekend riding the horses and 4 wheelers. No phone, no tv, no Internet... FABULOUS!!!
There is a small pond that we 4 wheel to where there are a ton of frogs - hence the name "The Frog Pond". We met a sheep herder that was watering his sheep there. Gary talked to him in spanish while Sofi and I caught 5 frogs! We had a fun time trying to be sneaky and getting them with the butterfly net.
Last week my sister and I took the kids to the Kennecott Copper Mine. Very cool! I wasn't too impressed with the tour - there is none. I was thinking we would get to see more of how they work, but that was only shown to us in a video. It was cool to look down into there big pit. It is pretty impressive! The kids liked it, so that is what counts!
So as you can see, we have been busy! My back is doing terrible and I make it through the day because of my Lortab. Pretty sad to admit that, but it is the truth. I am having back surgery again in October. They have found that one of the screws is pinching my nerve so they are going to take out the hardware. My dr. couldn't do the surgery until ext Feb!!! So I am having someone in his office do it. I met him and feel good about my decision. I am waiting until October because I really want to have a summer. Pretty selfish of me, but oh well :).
My sister McKinsie was diagnosed with the same cancer as my sister Megan. Kins just had surgery yesterday to remove the tumor. It was a 9 hour surgery. The surgery went really well, but I am sure the recovery is going to be terrible. They will biopsy the tumor and figure out what stage the cancer is. She started taking Asea ( a month ago to see if it will kill the cancer so it won't grow back. It will be interesting to see if it works. I will keep you updated. I am so glad that she is trying it though! I have heard such great things about Asea with cancer patients! It has done miracles for me :)
Has anyone else been having a hard time with blogspot? I can't copy and paste or even highlite anything. It is really bothering me. I may go back to wordpress. Tell me what you think of blogspot.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

For a Good Cause!

This is my father in law. Yes, he is wearing a kilt! He works for Lehi Fire driving the Engine (fire truck). They have a co-worker who is in stage 4 cancer. So they decided to make a day for her! They heard of a pink fire truck that has been driving all over the nation and was headed this way. So they made pink shirts to sale and they all wore pink kilts! They even were doing their runs that day in their kilts!

This is him with my mother in law. They are fabulous people! I must say I am the luckiest girl in the world to have such great in laws!

They set up a station and the fire truck came to Thanksgiving Point at their Scottish Festival. Isn't that so cool?!!

Behind the fire truck it was pulling a HUGE breast cancer ribbon.

All over the fire truck and trailer were signatures of people. It was amazing. We all got to sign the truck. I signed mine for my "2nd" mom Paula Phillips who passed away from breast cancer. It brings back tears when I see all the good that people do to fight for a cure!

Here are the people that made that day possible! I'm not sure why only 4 of them had kilts on ;)!

Sofi and her cute little friend went with me. They thought it was so cool to see a pink firetruck! They got balloons and cute pink fireman hats!

While we were waiting for the fire truck to come they were really bored! So I gave them the camera and told them to take some pics. They were hilarious! Here are some of my favorites!