Monday, August 6, 2012

Sofi's Baptism

I can't believe that Sofi is old enough to be baptized!  She turned 8 on her baptism day!  The baptism went really well.  We had 2 of her cousins give the talks and they did such a great job!  I was very impressed with the spirit that they brought to the baptism.

Here is a pic of her amazing cake that my friend Elly made.  It was so beautiful I didn't want to cut into it. We were glad we did because it was delicious!  Here is her blog so you can see how amazing she is at making cakes:

The dress...  It was so fun to make and turned out amazing!  I cut it out of my wedding dress.  The blue and sparkles I bought, but all the white is from my dress.  When I pulled out the dress out of the box I held it up and asked Sofi if she wanted me to make her baptism dress out of it.  Her reply was, "Mom, that is way too big for me!"  Then I asked if she would rather me keep it in case she wanted to get married in it.  She paused and then said, "No, I want you to make me a wedding dress with horses on it."  I still laugh at how cute her response was. :) 

The week before her birthday Gary kept telling her he was going to buy her a bag of dirt for her birthday.  So I bought one to keep the joke going.  Now when you ask her what she got for her birthday she says, "A bag of dirt!"  My two goof balls!  They just keep me laughing! 

What a great birthday weekend we had!  I am so blessed with such an amazing family.  Sofi is the joy of my life and I am reminded daily of how blessed I am that she is healthy and happy.  From such a rough start to now you would never know how sick she was as a baby.  I thank my Heavenly Father every day for sending me such a beautiful spirit.  I don't know how I am so lucky! :)

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